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I’m An HIV-Positive Instagram Thot, When Do I Let A Man Know My Status If He Wants To Hit Raw?’


I’m An HIV-Positive Instagram Thot, When Do I Let A Man Know My Status If He Wants To Hit Raw?’


Dear Abiola,

I’m in my 20s and I’m a very, very popular social media model. Put it this way: you might not recognize me but your man and your brother do. I’m not showing off. I work hard for everything that I have. I’m very disciplined and work hard for my body. I also work very hard at my business. People see the sexy photos and videos but behind that I am building an empire with endorsements, products, appearances etc.

I’m writing because I have a secret. Only my family and two best friends know that I am HIV positive. I found out about 5 years ago. I contracted the virus from the first person I ever had sex with.

At first I was devastated. I went mini buck wild and had unprotected sex with at least about four different guys. Thankfully, they are fine. I have been monitoring the situation from a distance and they are all healthy.

After that, I shut it down sexually and put my energy into my health. I started eating right and working out and people started noticing my body and exotic look. I gained confidence and through social media was able to become a very popular model. This has brought me attention from everyone from athletes to businessmen. Obviously, I want to move forward and find love like everyone else.

My question to you, Abiola, is: when do I let a man know that I have HIV? I don’t want to let them know too early and scare them off before they get to know me. Also, this could negatively affect my career so I don’t want to just tell anybody. I don’t want them leaking my business. But I feel like even though chances are slim that I could pass it on, I should say something.

What do you think? Do I tell? When do I tell? And if my viral load is undetectable and I will be using a condom anyway, do I really have to tell a man before I have sex?



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